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Skate Costa Rica 2012

Skate Costa Rica began on November 24  2012, during all these years we have been characterized by trying to maintain a skate team with people of  low resources mainly ghettos, most of the members came from a home where the head of the family is mainly the mother, in some cases life for some of our members has been a little difficult but with the help of many people who support us that path has become a little easier for them, over the years we have focused on the spiritual, in studies and sports in that order, for us it is very important that they not only learn how to win competitions but also how to apply what they learn by skating to their daily life, When a new obstacle appears in your life think about your next trick for that obstacle.
For many years we have managed to position national skaters as the best, you can be part of this too.


The future rides with us

We have always been characterized by supporting young people, that's why the slogan.



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