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Skate Team

Leadership is influence and we are influencing the influencers

Kendall Cespedes

One of our new riders, 16 year old kid who is always good to have around because he makes you laugh.

He is also the third place at the under 17 division national championship.

"JP" Jean Pablo Peralta

One of our newest riders, 16 year old kid who has a great mindset and one of the most dominant characters to compete.

He is also the first place (national champion) at the under 17 division.

Yoel Gutierrez

The architect of the crew. Our longest standing team rider. The player/coach/mentor who is a big part of our crews success behind the scenes. Also finished # 9. in the national rankings this year. Muy Another Brother Further!!


Chris Herrera

The youngest of the team with only 10 years and a great future in skateboarding, the future rides with us.

Koby Bryan

Second place in the 2021 national championship, one of the best stories of gradually improving in each competition, now we see him compete in the open(+18)

Randy Vasquez

One of our leaders who is part of the 2022 skateboarding selection, also does downhill mountain bike, one of the humblest people you can meet


Larry Jimenez

A story that could inspire a film, a kid with low resources,  grew up in a house with dirt floor to become number 1 and national champion 2021, is a dream that anyone would want to live


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